Auto A/C & Heating Services Abington PA

The A/C & heating system in your vehicle ensures you and your passengers are cool in the summertime, warm in the winter and comfortable all year long. Unlike your home’s HVAC system, auto A/C & heating components do not run off of electric parts, rather they use your engine’s heat energy and cool down capacity to change temperatures. Like any other component in your vehicle the fragile parts of this system can break over time from lack of maintenance and wear and tear. If your auto A/C & heating is not working correctly, call Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA today for an appointment to get it fixed quickly.

Car Air Conditioning Repair

A vehicle’s air conditioning system works by delivering coolant to a fan which blows cool air into the cabin. If your auto A/C is blowing warm air, smells rotten or the vents don’t push out sufficient air flow, you probably have an issue in your system. Our comprehensive auto A/C diagnostic exam checks the interior blower, radiator coolant level, hoses, pipes, pressure examination and more to determine the problem area. The issue could be a broken fan belt, cracked hose or you may need a coolant or radiator flush. One we determine the exact problem, our technicians will quickly fix or replace the damaged part. We’ll get you back on the road comfortably.

Auto Heating System Repair

While some drivers may be able to get through a scorching summer without A/C, your heating system is much more important for you and your vehicle’s safety. Winters in Philadelphia can be especially brutal and can be extremely harsh on your car. In order to drive with confidence this winter, bring your vehicle in for a comprehensive heating system test. We’ll do a thorough test of all the heating components to ensure everything is in top working order. Our technicians will also check for leaks, holes & cracks in your belts and can offer a winterization check of the battery, tires and fluids. Get your car ready for each season with Performance Auto Sales & Service.

Besides auto A/C & heating system diagnostic and repair services, our technicians are experienced and equipped with the tools to fix a variety of mechanical issues. From charging systems to electrical, head gasket replacement, power steering and more, our certified technicians can handle it all. Plus, if you’re searching for a new car, check out our auto sales inventory to see the used cars currently available on our lot.