Vehicle Belts & Hoses Abington, PA

Vehicles are comprised of a variety of many moving parts including several necessary, yet fragile belts and hoses. They work together with several other components to ensure your car runs smoothly and operates to its highest capacity. It is important to stick to the manufacturer’s timeframe of belt & hose replacement to prevent sudden, costly car breakdowns. Vehicle belts & hoses play an important role to the overall operation of the engine, air conditioning, charging system, cooling systems and more. If you’re unsure if your belts & hoses need to be repaired or replaced call Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA at 215-277-1296 for an appointment.

Automotive Belt & Hose Repair

Many driving conditions contribute to the wear and tear of vehicle belts & hoses. Age, mileage, tension, contaminated oil and corrosion can all lead to ruptures, tears and rips which should be repaired at the first sign of damage. Symptoms of a belt or hose in need of repair include squeaking noises, coolant leaks, dashboard light warnings, engine overheating, A/C failure and more. A ruptured hose may lead to fluids leaking onto your engine and cause damage to other vital parts. Torn belts can eventually become so slack that they’ll cease to work entirely. It is important to fix these minor belt & hose repair issues before they lead to large replacement jobs.

Vehicle Belts & Hoses Replacement

If a belt or hose is too far damaged to repair, then it will need to be replaced. The most common belt replacements we deal with include serpentine belt, V-belt and fan belt, which are generally easy to complete and do not take much time. While vehicle belt & hose replacement is not a huge problem to complete, waiting until the damage got to this point could have caused other lingering issues. Depending on the extent of the belt or hose damage, our technicians will inspect the surrounding areas to ensure no other parts or components have been compromised.

As a precaution, vehicle belts & hoses should be checked regularly to prevent extensive damage to other parts of your car. Our experienced technicians can repair minor hose damage, as well as severe mechanical repairs to transmissions, electrical systems, head gasket, brakes and more. If your vehicle is in need of repair, call our Abington, PA car repair shop at 215-277-1296 for an appointment today.