Auto Charging System Diagnostic Abington PA

The charging system in your vehicle may be the most important. If the charging and starting systems are not properly maintained then your vehicle cannot start. These two systems work together to ensure your car turns on, your battery stays charged and your car continues to run. If you’re noticing trouble with the battery or the way your car starts you’ll need a charging system diagnostic test. For a full inspection and any repair needs to your charging or starting systems, come in to Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA. Our experienced technicians will identify and repair any problems with your car’s battery or starter – quickly.

Vehicle Charging and Starting Systems

A vehicle’s charging and starting systems are made up of a variety of components that each work in unison to ensure your vehicle starts, charges and stops correctly. The battery, alternator and starter are the main components, but the electrical system also plays a role in a vehicle’s charging system. The alternator is the main component in the charging system, while the battery and starter work together with the alternator to complete the circuit of starting and charging. Over the years, general wear and tear happens to these components and they need to be maintained and fixed properly to ensure your vehicle starts and runs smoothly.

Automotive Charging System Repair

If you suspect there is a breakdown in any of your charging system components the experienced mechanics at Performance Auto will first do a diagnostic test. We’ll start with testing the strength of your battery power and check for any corrosion. Afterwards, our technicians will meticulously run through all components to ensure each part is running properly. If we find any issues with the battery, alternator or starter, the part can quickly and easily be replaced. Should our mechanic find it to be an electrical issue, more assessments will be done to determine the cause and plan for repair.

For a complete vehicle charging system diagnostic and repair service, trust the experienced technicians at Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington PA. We’ll quickly identify the problem and get it fixed efficiently so you can get back on the road. Besides charging and starting system repairs, we also fix belts, hoses, cooling system, shocks, exhaust, brakes and many other vehicle components. For questions on our repair services or to book an appointment, call 215-277-1296.