Cooling System Repair Abington, PA

A vehicle’s cooling system minimizes the heat within an engine using liquid coolant to ensure the components do not overheat. These parts include the water pump, upper & lower radiator hoses, coolant, radiator, plus several pipes and fans. Regular maintenance and upkeep on the engine cooling system is important to ensure it continues to run efficiently. It is one of the most vital systems to aid in your car’s drivability. If the coolant in your system has not been flushed in the last year, call 215-277-1296 to make an appointment today. The team of mechanics at Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA offer engine cooling system maintenance and repair services on cars of all makes and models.

Engine Cooling System Maintenance

The primary functions of the cooling system include: keep the engine from overheating, regulate engine temperatures and provide heat. These three functions are vital to ensure your car drives safely at all times. The cooling system performs these goals using coolant to dissipate the heat created when the engine combusts. Coolant does not last for the lifetime of the vehicle and must be changed regularly –during an oil change, cooling system maintenance inspection or every 30,000 – 50,000 miles. During a cooling system maintenance inspection, our technicians will also check the hoses, belts, fans and thermostats to ensure they are functioning properly.

Cooling System Repair Services

During the maintenance check if we should find components in needs of repairs, we’ll discuss the options to move forward. Repairs could include holes or cracks in hoses and belts, deterioration, rust and/or leaks. Since the cooling system is such a vital part of your engine’s functions, it is imperative only an educated specialist be in charge of maintenance and repair work. The mechanics at Performance Auto Sales & Service are highly trained and certified for a wide variety of repairs and part replacement on vehicles of all makes and models. If you’re unsure if your car has had a coolant flush within the last year, call 215-277-1296 to schedule an appointment today.

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