Auto Electrical System Repair Abington, PA

The electrical system in vehicles made within the last 10 years is extremely complex and will only become more so as technology advances further and further. A car’s electrical system helps to operate a range of components such as wiring, circuits, charging system, power mirrors, power windows, lights, antilock brakes and more. At Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA our technicians are not only knowledgeable in the workings of mechanical parts, but all electrical entities as well. We offer a complete range of auto electrical repair services from interior lighting to power seating, fuse replacement and much more. Call 215-277-1296 to discuss your auto electrical repair needs today.

Auto Electrical Diagnostics

If you’re experiencing issues within any area of your vehicle’s complex electrical system you need an experienced technician to properly diagnose the issue. First, we’ll hand test all components from the power windows to locks, stereo, interior & exterior lighting, gauges, power seats, heated seats and more to determine where the problem exists. If we cannot identify the problem area, our electrical mechanics run specialized diagnostic testing specifically designed for the electrical components of a car. The test will determine the root cause of any malfunction in your cables, wiring and electronic components.

Car Electrical System Repair Services

Once our auto electrical mechanics have completed the full diagnostic test and found the area & cause of your electrical problems, we’ll determine a plan of action for repair. Some electrical problems and systems are much more complicated and time consuming to repair than others. For instance, if your power mirrors just need a simple motor replacement, this can take less than two hours. But, electrical shortages causing headlights or brake lights to burn out require our mechanics to locate where the current stops flowing, replace the shorted wires and reinstall the fuse & wiring.

No matter what degree of auto electrical problems you’re experiencing, the knowledgeable mechanics at Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA will diagnose and repair them quickly so you can get back on the road. We’re dedicated to offering efficient repairs so you do not have to come back to us for the same issues. Besides car electrical system repairs, we also offer diagnostic & repairs for charging systems, transmissions, exhaust, brake systems and more. For more information or to bring your vehicle to our shop, call 215-277-1296 today.