Engine Diagnostic Service in Abington PA

If your vehicle isn’t running right or your check engine light suddenly appears, you’ll need an experienced auto technician with the right skills and tools to identify the problem. An engine diagnostic service allows us to thoroughly test then problem identify the cause of your vehicle’s malfunctions. Our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment which gives us the ability to diagnose the engine problem and determine what car part or system repairs are needed. An engine diagnostic inspection from Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington PA will give you peace of mind your car will be diagnosed properly and fixed efficiently. We’ll get you back onto the road safely.

Engine Diagnostic Testing

It is necessary to have an engine diagnostic test performed if the fuel economy in your car is declining, the check engine light is flashing or constantly on and/or if something generally seems off about the way it is driving. Continually driving a vehicle in need of engine or system repair can lead to costly, sometimes irreparable damage. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will perform a full diagnostic service to identify the root cause of your vehicle’s problems. The testing service includes visual inspection, system analysis, computer scan and accurate diagnosis. Once we’ve identified the issue with your vehicle we’ll write and provide an estimate for repair.

Vehicle Diagnostic Code Scan

The most common reason for an engine diagnostic test is the check engine light suddenly turns on. In order to determine what caused your vehicle’s computer to detect an error a scan for a specific diagnostic trouble code (CDC) must be performed. Our technicians will connect the scanner to your vehicle’s computer in order to retrieve the code associated with the troubled area. Once the code is determined and we’ve performed a diagnostic test, we’ll understand what caused the issue and how we can repair it. If the check engine light is on in your vehicle, it is strongly recommended to bring it to our shop for an engine diagnostic scan before any further damage occurs.

At Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA our mission is to diagnose and repair your vehicle quickly and efficiently so you can get back onto the road. We offer a variety of auto repair services for all vehicle components including transmission, electrical, brakes, exhaust, A/C or heat and more. For reliable, honest service bring your car to our family-owned auto repair service shop.