Exhaust System & Muffler Repair Shop Abington, PA

Your car’s exhaust system is meant to reduce engine noise and eliminate dangerous fumes from inside the vehicle. A proper working exhaust will also protect the environment from unsafe emissions. If you’re experiencing very loud sounds or heavy, thick smoke emitting from the exhaust, it is time to get your exhaust system checked right away. At Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA we have a staff of mechanics with the right tools, equipment and experience to diagnose and fix a variety of exhaust system problems. Call 215-277-1296 to speak about our muffler repair services and to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in for a comprehensive diagnostic test.

Auto Exhaust System Diagnostic & Repair

There are several tell-tale signs your muffler and exhaust system are in need of a repair. These include loud thumps or bangs, rust, muffler shaking when idling, muffler hanging dangerously low to the ground and thick smoke releasing when driving. It is a good idea to get any of these problems looked out before you’re due for a PA Emissions Inspections, otherwise you will risk failing. Bring your car to our auto mechanic shop for a full diagnostic service to identify the core issue. During our inspection we’ll check the entire system for rust, as well as the mounts, pipelines, catalytic converter, oxygen sensors and gaskets. Our mechanics can easily determine the root of your exhaust system problem and have it repaired easily.

Exhaust & Muffler Installation

In some rare and extreme cases, the muffler or parts of the exhaust will have to be replaced entirely. While most of today’s vehicle exhausts are made with high-quality steel, replacement is necessary after several years of wear-and-tear. A visible inspection of your muffler can easily determine if a full replacement is necessary. Besides the obvious loud noise, we’ll look for dripping water and major rust to diagnose a failed muffler. If parts of your exhaust system have holes or extensive damage, those sections will need to be replaced. Replacement and installation of your vehicle exhaust system can be done fairly quickly by our team of experienced auto mechanics.

If you’re unsure if your current exhaust system will pass a PA State Emissions test, call 215-277-1296 to set up a diagnostic appointment today. We’ll help to determine if you need any maintenance or repairs done to your vehicle. Browse our website to see our other auto services including brakes, A/C, heating, belts, hoses and more.