Head Gasket Repair Shop in Abington, PA

A vehicle’s head gasket acts as a seal between the engine block and cylinder head, making it responsible for sealing the combustion chamber and coolant passages. The head gasket is constantly under high pressure and elevated temperatures, which can eventually cause leaks, crack the radiator tank, blow the radiator hose and other major problems. If you’re in need of professional head gasket repair for a leak, coolant mixing with oil or a full blow, call the experienced technicians at Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA. Our mechanics have extensive knowledge of head gasket repair and replacement services, especially in Subaru models.

Symptoms of Blown Head Gasket

A blown head gasket can be difficult to identify, because of its position within the car. It acts as a seal between the engine block and the cylinder head and the only way to tell if it’s blown is to look for the signs, rather than at the part. Common indicators include bubbles in the radiator, cooling leaking from head gasket, coolant lost without signs of leaks, milky oil, overheating engine and white smoke from exhaust pipe. If you notice any of these signs you should avoid driving any further or risk more damage to the engine. It is best to have the vehicle towed to our mechanic shop for evaluation and repair.

Head Gasket Replacement & Repair Services

Head gasket repair and replacement is not an easy task and should not be attempted at home as you risk further engine damage. There are many steps to properly completing a head gasket replacement service and each must be done with critical care. First, our technicians will drain all of the fluids from the engine and remove the surrounding parts and components like the bumper, radiator, fans, etc. Then, the accessories from the front engine and all surrounding parts blocking the cylinder head are taken out. Once the parts are exposed they’re carefully cleaned and all damaged parts are removed, replaced and meticulously put back together. This strenuous process is done only by our most experienced technicians to ensure accuracy.

Performance Auto Sales & Service offers the best head gasket replacement services in Montgomery County, PA. We’re also experienced in electrical system repair, brake systems, exhaust repair, A/C, heating and all of your other car repair needs. To schedule an appointment, call our office at 215-277-1296 today!