PA Emissions & Inspection Test

If your automobile is due for a PA State Emissions & Inspection test, bring your car to Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA. We are certified by the State of Pennsylvania to offer emissions and inspection tests for all car makes and models. In the United States, vehicle emissions & inspection tests are governed by the municipality and have varying requirements. Our state inspection agents have the knowledge and the tools to run full vehicle emissions & inspection tests. We administer the tests quickly and efficiently then deem your car as either pass or fail as required by the State of Pennsylvania.

PA State Vehicle Inspection

A PA State Inspection test is done to every registered vehicle once per calendar year. During state inspections, our certified agent will check the following components of your vehicle: suspension, steering, braking, tires & wheels, lighting, electrical system, glass, mirrors, wipers, speedometer, odometer, warning devices and more. Each part is checked meticulously to ensure your car is safe for you to drive, as safe for other drivers on the road. If deemed safe & compliant with the State of Pennsylvania, we will update your sticker to the newest, certified one. In the event our agent does not believe your vehicle passes inspection we will go over a detailed list of what repairs are needed in order to pass. For your convenience, you can have your repairs done quickly at the Performance Auto Sales & Service car repair shop.

PA Vehicle Emissions Testing

Yearly Emissions Tests are also required for all registered vehicles in the State of Pennsylvania. These are generally performed at the same time as an inspection test. During a PA Vehicle Emissions test the technician will do a visual inspection of emissions components. Next, they’ll inspect the gas cap and a run a full set of On-Board Diagnostic tests through a computer. The computer will report if there are errors or if the car has passed. If passed, we’ll replace your outdated sticker with the up-to-date version. A vehicle that fails emissions will receive a specific error code used to identify the problem. We’ll run the code and discuss the repairs your car will need to pass. Emissions repairs can be done at our certified auto repair shop.

If your vehicle is due for a PA Emissions & Inspection test, Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA has a state-certified technician on staff for your convenience. Simply bring the vehicle, your current registration & insurance and the test can be completed easily. For more information on our emissions and inspection tests and services, call 215-277-1296.