Suspension Repair Shop in Abington, PA

The steering and suspension system hold the weight of your vehicle and keep the tires firmly on the road, all to ensure a comfortable and safe drive. Steering and suspension should be properly aligned in order to deliver a smooth and controlled ride. This system should be checked annually to diagnose and prevent significant repairs. The experienced technicians at Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA offer full diagnostic services and suspension repair for all makes and models. If your suspension system has not been maintained in some time, call 215-277-1296 to schedule an appointment to avoid further, costly damage to your vehicle.

Suspension Diagnostic

In order to properly diagnose suspension and steering problems, our technicians will perform a comprehensive, multi-point examination on the entire system. The inspection will include an evaluation of power steering fluid, nuts & bolts, wheels, steering belts, alignment, struts and more. Your tires and tire balance will also be checked to make sure the problem is not due to any issues with the tires. Once we determine the cause of your suspension issues, our friendly staff will create and go over a detailed repair report. The report will include a breakdown of parts, labor, total cost and estimation of repair time.

Suspension Repair Services

The suspension system is put through considerable wear and tear during daily commutes to the office, home and grocery store. There are many indicators your car is in need of suspension repair service. The most common include pulling to the side, trouble steering, continued bouncing after a bump, shaking tires and steering slip. In severe cases, screeching and screaming noises can be heard when steering under low speeds. We can repair a variety of suspension issues from 4×4 suspensions to coil springs, front end suspension, manual steering, rear suspension, high performance and much more. Our highly trained technicians can identify and quickly repair any of your minor or severe suspension and steering problems.

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