Timing Belt Replacement Abington, PA

A vehicle’s timing belt is critical to help the engine open and close the values and keep the camshaft and crankshaft turning at the correct rate. If the timing is not perfect or damage disrupts proper flow, the engine’s power will be lost. Timing belt replacement and maintenance is required for all cars that have a timing belt to prevent serious & costly engine damage. There are variations for the timeframe of when a belt should be replaced depending on the manufacturer, but usually around 60,000 – 100,000 miles. Performance Auto Sales & Service in Abington, PA offers reliable and efficient timing belt replacement and maintenance services.

Signs You Need to Replace Timing Belt

The timing of your engine and how all of the parts work together is vital for an efficiently-running car. There are a few signs to clue you in that it is time for a timing belt replacement including non-replacement for 60,000 miles, ticking sound from the engine, engine won’t turn over, leaking oil and engine misfires. These signs should not be taken lightly, as prolonged driving on a bad belt can lead to costly repairs later on. Even worse, if a timing belt snaps while you’re driving the engine will shut off and come to a halt, putting you and other drivers in extreme danger.

Timing Belt Replacement Services

The service technicians at Performance Auto Sales & Service will thoroughly examine your timing belt and belt tension for signs of damage. If the belt has been driving for over 60,000 miles and has obvious tears, we will make our best recommendations to remove the worn down belt and install a new timing belt. Our timing belt replacement service includes the replacement of all worn belts (as needed), installation of new components and adjustments to ensure it is safe, secure & ready to drive off the lot. We’ll also check the water pump and coolant during the replacement service, as often times all three components will be replaced at the same time for preventative measure.

Performance Auto Sales & Service specialize in a variety of auto repair services for cars of all makes and models. Besides timing belt replacement, we also offer repairs for electrical system, power steering, A/C & heating, cooling systems and more. Our friendly staff and experienced mechanics are here to make the auto repair process as fast and painless as possible. We’re here to get you back in a safe & reliable car and get you onto the road quickly.